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Construction 4.0 - Best practice examples from IoT projects

27.10.2022 von 17:30 - 18:00

Hall B0 |  | bauma Forum

Sprache: Deutsch

Vortragsart: Vortrag


Exhibitor Presentation Device Insight: Every construction project is unique, every requirement specific, while standardized interfaces for documentation & coordination are still lacking. However, there are already proven industry 4.0 approaches, which can be used for construction site purposes. Based on examples from our IoT practice, we give answers to typical questions about the digital construction site: 1. How can digital (IoT) technologies effectively help construction companies and construction equipment manufacturers? 2. How can relevant construction and machine data, be successfully used for a digital twin in the cloud? 3. How to improve logistics processes and to prevent interruptions? 4. How to automate labor & inspection processes (surveying, quality inspection, billing)?