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3D printed formworks and facades – is additive architecture future-proof?

24.10.2022 at 16:30 - 17:00

Hall B0 |  | bauma Forum

Language: English

Type: Lecture


Creative architecture can be a lot: beautiful, controversial, innovative, functional, complex, and much more. While the demands for more sustainable and complex constructions rise, the challenges of realizing them with traditional methods become ever more real. One solution for complex special formworks is 3D sand printing. The CAD data-based 3D printing process Binder Jetting enables the production of highly complex, multicurve formwork elements that can be combined with traditional and proven formworks. During part design, functionalities such as clamping holes, lifting handles and tongue and groove joints can be integrated directly into the part, to allow easier handling and smoother concrete casting. In various construction projects, this hybrid approach has been successfully tested with regard to its economic efficiency and feasibility as well as the weather resistance and reusability of the 3D printed formwork elements. In this presentation, we will provide insight into these projects, the workflow of 3D printing supported concrete casting, and contrast the hybrid approach with the traditional one to explore whether 3D printing will continue to be a viable option for architecture in the future.