bauma TALK 4: Mining – sustainable, efficient and reliable

Webinar from June 29, 2022

Mining not always has had a good reputation. Environmental issues, water pollution and conflicts with local communities of the extraction areas were some of the problems. The webinar aims to show the vital importance of mining for a low carbon economy and how this can be done in a responsible way. State-of-the-art technology helps to face challenging conditions.

bauma TALK 4 will show which solutions various players are developing under the term Mining 4.0 in order to be able to deal with the diverse challenges.

Representatives of mining companies, the supply industry and academia are taking part in bauma TALK 4 as speakers. From these three perspectives, you learn how reliable, efficient and sustainable mining is possible.

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Elisabeth Clausen, Head of Department, Institute of Advanced Mining Technologies

Title: The human-centered climate smart mine


Michael Waller, Manager Interoperability, Roy Hill Holding

Title: Automation and interoperability in Mining

Eduardo Lima, Global Product Manager for Digital Mining, ABB Switzerland

Title: Journey to the digital mine

Christophe Didier, Director of Georesources, BRGM

Title: Towards a „responsible mining“ approach. An ambitious challenge for International Standardisation.


Christoph Danner, VDMA