bauma TALK 2: The way to autonomous machines

Webinar from April 28, 2022

Every construction site is unique and subject to the changing conditions of its environment. What all construction sites have in common is a shortage of skilled labor and stagnating productivity. How must machines and technologies be developed to counteract demographic change and the shortage of skilled workers?

In bauma TALK 2, our technical experts shed light on the way to autonomous machines. In fact, automation and optimized workflows are also in high demand on construction sites. Excavators, vibratory plates and the like used to get bigger and bigger, but today electrification is enabling construction machinery to be re-miniaturized. See how autonomous machines - small cobots - are already working together with classic construction machinery.

bauma TALK 2 brings you up to date and gives you an insight into the man-machine relationship of the future.

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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Martin Sobczyk, Professorship for Networked Mobile Machines, TU Bergakademie Freiberg

Title: Productivity of the combined Human-Machine-Systems – key factor for innovative drivetrains


Maximilian Schöberl, Research Associate, Technical University of Munich

Title: From Radio-controlled to Collaborative Compaction – The Arrival of Cobots

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Weber, Director, Institute of Mechatronic Engineering, TU Dresden

Title: Bauen 4.0 - Machine technologies for the construction of tomorrow

Marius Nono Tamo, Research Associate, TH Köln

Title: Path from the work process to automation in road construction – road paver


Stephan Oehme, Consultant Mining, Construction - Equipment and Plant Engineering, VDMA