Sustainable and innovative. By conviction.

The construction machinery industry needs to quickly find answers to the scarcity of raw materials, fragile supply chains, increasing time pressure and the demand for sustainability.

On the way to a more sustainable future

Our role as the world‘s leading trade fair entails accepting responsibility. That is why we want to express the principle of sustainability in our actions. We want to set a good example and make bauma more sustainable in an ongoing process, from the selection of materials and the handling of waste to the motivation of our exhibitors and visitors. Let’s join forces to walk this path together!

Contribution of Messe München

  • 2,500 trees on the exhibition grounds as compensation for CO₂ emissions
  • 71,000 m² of green hall roofs
  • One of the world's largest photovoltaic roof systems to produce environmentally friendly electricity
  • 220,000 m² of green area
  • Trade fair center heated with geothermal energy
  • Energy supply with 100 % green electricity
  • Exhibition lake is fed with rainwater and groundwater
  • Exhibition grounds possess very good access to public transport
  • 110 parking spaces with charging poles for electric cars

Acting sustainably. The measures taken by bauma.

The building construction industry is on its way to a more sustainable future. As the world’s leading trade fair of the industry, we not only want to set an example, but point the way.

Our priorities:

Climate-friendly trade fair stand construction with our partner meplan

  • Our special areas and the bauma Forum in the innovation hall bauma LAB0 are built from “circular” materials (“WOODï” system). “Circular” means for us, in addition to constant quality control, to protect resources primarily through recycling and preservation
  • Your exhibition stand

Trade fair stands can be arranged in a climate-neutral way. For example, if you provide a verifiable offset in return.

This is easily possible if you opt for an ECO system stand. By booking this stand, you compensate for the CO² emissions generated during stand construction. You automatically acquire shares for a certified climate protection project and support, for example, forest protection, hydroelectric power or wind energy.

Give something back to nature. For example, with the ECO CROWN stand product from our partner meplan.

Eco-friendly infrastructure

  • The easy access to public transport allows you to get to bauma in an environmentally friendly way.
  • You can refuel your electric car at almost 50 charging stations on the exhibition grounds.
  • Sustainable waste management: we dispose of waste resulting from construction and dismantling as commercial waste for recycling. Recyclable materials can thus be returned to the economic cycle.

Sustainable advertising materials

  • We reduce our print circulations and are constantly optimizing our digital advertising media. We have also chosen to refrain from offering a printed catalogue on site.
  • Regarding the selection of printing substrates, Messe München focuses mainly on sustainable and certified materials.
  • We deliberately cooperate with printing companies that commit to the principle of sustainability.

Valuable partnerships

  • Our catering suppliers rely on local supply chains.

How to make your bauma visit even more environmentally friendly.

Sustainability is a mission that we can only implement together. We help you make your bauma visit as environmentally friendly as possible. Our offers can improve your personal ecological balance sheet decisively. Because it‘s only a small step for each individual. But together we are always one step ahead.

  • Bring reusable cups or bottles.
  • Choose environmentally friendly means of transport for your journey or form carpools.
  • Take only sustainable or environmentally friendly giveaways from the show, if any.

Help us make bauma environmentally friendly and set an example with your trade fair presentation. Give bauma visitors the opportunity to receive eco-friendly information material and giveaways. Support our striving for more sustainability by using resources responsibly during your trade fair presentation.

  • Trade fair stands can be arranged in a climate-neutral way. For example, with the ECO CROWN stand product from our partner meplan.
  • Restrict your equipment material such as carpets as far as possible.
  • Offer your visitors regional or fair-trade products.
  • Prevent waste and use sustainable giveaways.
  • Rely on digital information materials.
  • Please remember: avoidance goes before compensation: “Do your best and compensate the rest!”