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Design, equip and promote your stand at bauma.

Overview of your tickets for bauma 2022

Under this link, you can find an overview of your registered and used (online) vouchers and personalized exhibitor passes for bauma 2022.

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Ordering stand equipment and services online

As soon as you have accepted your placement proposal (the placement proposals for bauma 2025 will be sent out in spring / summer 2024), you can start planning your participation in bauma. We will be happy to assist you.

As an exhibitor or co-exhibitor, you can conveniently book all services related to your trade-fair stand online in the bauma Exhibitor Shop:

  • Technical services, stand equipment and related services
  • Exhibitor and parking passes as well as vouchers for customers
  • Conference rooms, catering and more
  • Marketing and PR services

Our User Guide for the Exhibitor Shop takes you through the ordering process step by step.

Exhibitor Shop bauma 2025

The bauma 2025 Exhibitor Shop will be online in autumn 2024.

The Exhibitor Shop at a glance

This section contains an overview of the most important services in the bauma Exhibitor Shop.

How do I get acces to the Exhibitor Shop?

1. After you confirmed your participation in the trade fair, you received an e-mail from Messe München with a link to the Exhibitor Shop.

2. Click on the link, then log in with your Messe München account. You created your account during the online application.

3. Done: Submit your order in the Exhibitor Shop.

Important: Your personal log-in details are also valid for all future Messe München events. Please store them in a secure place.

The link has expired. What can I do?

Do you want to use the Exhibitor Shop, but the link in your confirmation e-mail has expired? No problem: Just go to the Exhibitor Shop log-in page and click on "Forgot your password?". We will send you an e-mail with a new link that will let you create a new password. With your new password, you will be able to log in to the Exhibitor Shop.

Exhibitor Shop—Advice & Contact

Our colleagues at the Exhibitor Shop hotline will be happy to assist you. Answers to frequently asked questions regarding the Exhibitor Shop can also be found in the Shop's FAQs.

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Service partners

As an exhibitor, you have access to more than 70 tried-and-tested service companies in a wide variety of sectors. From concept development to implementation—our service network has a comprehensive portfolio that includes all the services you need to make your exhibit a success.

Use the Messe München directory: it features filter functions, details about the various services and ways to contact our partners directly in the following sectors:

  • Technical services
  • Stand equipment
  • Stand services
  • Logistics
  • Catering and events

Discover our service partners

Service partners for the open-air site

Specifically for the open-air site, over 15 service partners offer comprehensive products and services for our exhibitors. They make an important contribution to your tradefair presence.

Stand building & Technical services

When it comes to stand building and other technical services for your stand, we are there to help you in word and deed. Our tip: meplan, a subsidiary of Messe München, supports you as a competent and reliable partner in all aspects of stand building for your participation in the trade fair.

If you have already commissioned your own stand builder, you can also book all relevant services individually in our Exhibitor Shop. Messe München's Exhibitor Technical Service (TAS) is your contact for technical orders and the approval of stand plans, as well as for all related questions.

meplan—the stand-building partner of Messe München

Impress visitors with your exhibition stand and get them to take a closer look at your company.

meplan, a subsidiary of Messe München, is a competent and reliable partner that supports you in all matters related to stand building.

Whether you prefer a shell scheme or an individual design, meplan helps you with everything you need to plan and build your exhibition stand.

Or select a custom design and discuss your ideas with our stand-building experts.

Please visit for further information.

Advice & Contact

If you have any questions regarding stand planning, a request for a concept or a consultation, you can reach meplan by phone or e-mail:

Tel.: +49 89 540-267980

Technical guidelines and safety in stand building

If there is compliance with the following requirements, Messe München GmbH will not need to approve a plan (cf. Technical Guidelines, number 4.2ff).


  • Booth and advertising height is maximum 3 m
  • Booth size smaller than 100 m²
  • No booth covering

Open-air exhibition grounds

  • One-story, building surface area fewer than 50 m²
  • Setup height lower than 5 m

Booth designs differing from the above-mentioned requirements are to be submitted for approval no later than six weeks before the official set-up start with scaled booth design plans (floor plan, view, and drawings) to Messe München GmbH, TAS Department (by e-mail, as a pdf file or by post). In addition, multi-story booths and special structures (e.g., bridges, stairs, cantilever roofs, galleries, etc.) are subject to approval on principle. You can find additional information on building regulations in Form 1.3.

We need static proof for all buildings/facilities higher than 5 m for booths in the open-air site.

Please make sure in your planning that many room containers unfortunately do not meet the requirements for soil carrying capacity (stipulated payload of 3.0 or 5.0 kN/m² depending on the type of use of the rooms; cf. Technical Guidelines). Please refer to the notice on container constructions.

Unsecured weights above persons are not permissible. Weights (e.g. ballasts) must be friction-locked in non-combustible material.

At evening events in the outdoor area, additional own safety lighting of the booth to the general escape routes is to be provided.

Fire protection and safety measures

Due to the size of bauma, special fire protection and safety measures apply. This section contains a quick overview of these measures. All relevant documents can be found in the Exhibitor Shop under "Leaflets / Applications / Important Information".

  • Actions involving fire hazards such as fires emitting sparks (fire wood, charcoal, etc.) are strictly forbidden on the entire trade fair grounds.
  • The use of liquefied petroleum gas (e.g., patio heaters) is prohibited due to the exhibition size and booth density for fire safety reasons. The use of electrical cooking appliances is recommended for the preparation of food.
  • Pyrotechnic effects are prohibited on the entire grounds.
  • The use of compressed gases is only allowed for demonstration of exhibits; the use must be restricted to a minimum. Only the daily requirement may be kept on the grounds. The use must be notified in writing to the Technical Exhibition Service with indication of the amount used (Technical Guidelines, number 1.2). We reserve the right to stipulate additional requirements.
  • Flammable liquids are to be kept to a minimum. Only the daily requirement may be kept on the grounds. The use must be notified in writing to the Technical Exhibition Service with indication of the amount used. We reserve the right to stipulate additional requirements.
  • Escape and rescue routes must be kept free, both within and outside your own booth area. Within the booth, lines of sight are required for meeting rooms and lounges. Please also remember in your planning to provide for corresponding storage and logistics areas for your catering, so as not to block escape and rescue routes within your booth.
  • At least one fire extinguisher (water extinguisher) must be kept ready at each booth in the open-air site. The exact number of fire extinguishers depends on booth construction. Our teams from our Technical Exhibitor Service (TAS) will indicate the required number at booth acceptance.
  • The inspector responsible on the open-air exhibition grounds is to be informed formally of any welding work (including during setup and dismantling).
  • A person responsible for fire protection at the booth is to be named to the Technical Exhibitor Service (TAS) for all booths in the open-air site. The person must be empowered to implement instructions concerning preventive fire protection and safety and available during the entire exhibition period on-site and at evening events. Download the entry form as a PDF

Technical services—Advice & Contacts

For technical orders and questions, as well as the approval of stand plans, please contact our colleagues at the Exhibitor Technical Services (TAS):

Responsible for the open-air site

Exhibitor Technical Services (TAS), Department 1
Phone: +49 89 949-21164
Fax: +49 89 949-21169

Responsible for Halls A4–A6, B4–B6, C4–C6, East Entrance and North-East

Exhibitor Technical Services (TAS), Department 2

Hall A4: Steffen Hofer:
Tel.: +49 89 949 21126

Hall A5: Monique Stanner:
Tel.: +49 89 949 21127

Hall A6: Vera Santospirito:
Tel.: +49 89 949 21133

Hall B4: Björn Lanna:
Tel.: +49 89 949 21134

Hall B5: Diana Reiter:
Tel.: +49 89 949 21121

Hall C4: Silvia Moosmann:
Tel.: +49 89 949 21128

Hall C5: Hülya Alper:
Tel.: +49 89 949 21136

Halls B6, C6, East Entrance und North-East Entrance: Hansjörg Dimitriadis:
Tel.: +49 89 949 21123

Fax: +49 89 949-21139

Responsible for Halls A1–A3, B1–B3, C1–C3, West Entrance

Exhibitor Technical Services (TAS), Department 3

Halls A1, B3, West Entrance:
Tel.: +49 89 949-21147

Hall A2: Elisabeth Müller:
Tel.: +49 89 949-21146

Halls A3, C3: Patrick Reuter:
Tel.: +49 89 949-21130

Halls B1, C1: Mathias Heinzinger:
Tel.: +49 89 949-21143

Halls B2, C2: Julia Krabbes:
Tel.: +49 89 949-21142

Fax: +49 89 949-97-21139

Security services

For implementing the security concept, we rely on the cooperation of our exhibitors. Therefore, please consider the following information as well as the instructions regarding our security policy.

Stand guarding and theft prevention

Pursuant to the Technical Guidelines, number 2.6, Messe München or the security service contracted by it for the exhibition grounds provides guards at the gates and on the exhibition grounds. However, we cannot guarantee complete guarding and surveillance of the trade fair grounds. Exhibitors must arrange for guarding booths, exhibition goods and other objects at a booth if required.

You can find corresponding order forms in our Exhibitor Shop. We call your attention to the fact that there are increased risks for the exhibits and other objects brought in during setup and dismantling times.

Photography and filming permits

Filming, photography as well as the preparation of drawings and video recordings within the fairgrounds is permissible only for persons approved by Messe München who hold a valid permit issued by Messe München.

Any photography or other recordings of other exhibitors’ stands is impermissible except in cases where permission has explicitly been granted. This also applies to the grounds and premises of Messe München.

In case of any violation, Messe München GmbH can demand that the recorded material be surrendered and can take legal action to achieve this.

Only accredited journalists/bloggers and the official service partners of Messe München are exempted from this.

Apply for photography and filming permits for bauma

Security—Advice & Contact

Our colleagues at Security will be happy to assist you: