Call for Papers—startup speaker slots at the bauma Forum powered by VDMA Startup-Machine

You want to get hold of one of 25 startup speaker slots? Here you can find out why your application is worth it:

  • A talk in front of a top-class audience: Your presentation is embedded in an attractive forum programme on a specific thematic focus. This ensures that you can present yourself to a large and relevant audience of experts who are interested in the solutions presented.
  • As an exhibitor in the bauma Startup Area, you will also benefit from the promotion of the forum programme in the pre- and post-trade fair reporting. The startups that manageto win a startup speaker slot will be listed in the bauma forum programme and explicitly highlighted in the analogue and digital trade fair communication by the VDMA. This increases your chances of attracting more visitors to your stand during the trade fair and generating relevant leads.

bauma startups—Who we are looking for!

We are looking for startups that offer innovative solutions along the following five key topics.

Climate neutrality—strategy, investment, roadmap

Achieving climate neutrality by 2050 is technologically feasible. In order for the transformation to be economically viable for all parties, there needs to be a new legal framework and structures that enable affordable construction. Politicians, developers and the industry need to agree on a roadmap—planning security creates willingness to invest.

Alternative drive concepts—opportunities, limits, infrastructure

Due to their high performance, construction machinery needs individual drive concepts tailored to the type of machines and infrastructure of a construction site. Hydrogen, e-fuels, battery electronics—everything has to be possible because the central question remains: “How does the energy reach the construction site and the machine?” The answers to this vary.

Networked construction—machines, processes, people

Environmental protection and staff shortages are accelerating the digitalization of machines, as well as the development of automated and alternative construction methods in order to make processes more efficient, secure and environmentally friendly—in all construction segments. Data management and serial construction are two key factors of networked construction.

Sustainable construction—carbon footprint, resource conservation, circular economy

Building materials are a key to significantly reducing the CO2 footprint. Recycled material, new concrete mixes and alternative construction materials in combination with a working circular economy will make it possible to conserve resources and avoid carbon dioxide emissions. Thanks to careful demolition methods with mineral and waste processing machines, Demolition waste and disposal will largely become things of the past.

Mining challenge—security of supply of commodities, automation, ESG

The supply of raw materials must be secured; through political support in third countries and a new way of thinking in domestic raw material extraction. In order for surface and underground mining to be carried out in an environmentally conscious way, the output has to be considered from the start. Reshaping and recultivating landscapes needs to be a part of all project planning. Automated and, where possible, autonomous processes provide greater efficiency and safety. ESG criteria (environmental, social, governance) help companies to secure their supply of raw materials while at the same time observing ethical principles.

3 steps to your application for a startup speaker slot:

1. Book a startup booth & submit an application for a startup speaker slot

In order to apply for a speaker slot, you must exhibit in the startup area.

You can apply for an startup stand on our website.

For your application please use the form "bauma Startup Pitches 2025: Your registration.“

Please include the following information in your application:

  • for which theme day(s) you are applying with a short presentation (assuming that the subject matter fits)
  • the provisional title of your presentation and a short description (max. 500 characters) of your solution that fits the respective theme day.

Please send your application for a speaker slot directly to Juliane Salten ( ).

2. Selection process & confirmation of a speaker slot

A jury of VDMA experts will review the applications and arrange a coherent programme of Startup Sessions per theme day on the basis of the submissions. You will find out whether you have received one of the coveted speaker slots in October 2024, after the registration deadline (September 30, 2024).

3. Briefing on the presentation & information on the promotion of startup speaker slots

After confirming a startup speaker slot, we will provide you with further information about your talk and collect information from you, which we will use to promote your talk.


Jessica Kensy
  • Exhibition Manager
Juliane Salten
  • Project Manager VDMA Startup-Machine Services