Digital construction site: efficient Construction 4.0 thanks to digitization

Create ideal conditions for your company’s future and work even more efficiently and cost effectively by digitizing your construction site.

Digital construction site: cost saving & reduced workload

Keep abreast of the developments of the Industry 4.0 and the digital construction site and learn more about the advancements of the Internet of Things (IoT) for the construction machinery industry!

Telematics: the future for the digital construction site?

(Continue to) Connect your construction equipment by using telematics solutions and applications and simplify your work by a digital construction site. The implementation of the methods of a digital construction site will allow for an easy management with suitable hardware, tools and services.

Engineer with oil refinery industry plant background
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Engineer with oil refinery industry plant background


Already before construction, Building Information Modeling (BIM) allows to digitally simulate the processes to minimize planning errors and early identify and prevent possible excess costs. BIM can help you early plan alternative solutions and smartly use digitally documented data for planning, construction works and the maintenance of the building.

Advantages of BIM:

  • increased data quality thanks to a database that is synchronized continually;
  • all current and important data can be retrieved via the software at any time and are always up to date;
  • communication and exchange between all parties involved is simplified.

Remote control

Charge times and capacities of your construction vehicle’s remote control are optimized by a software, making the machinery operation more efficient and cost effective. By using the remote control, dangers for your employees can be reduced and work interruptions and wear can be reduced. At bauma, you can find out what challenges the construction machine industry will face in the future when working with remote-controlled construction machinery.

Digital construction site & smart construction vehicles

Not only the example of remote control for mining machines demonstrates that construction equipment is subject to continuous advancement. The digitization of a construction site can support the cost-effective operation and maintenance of networked construction vehicles: digital processes improve planning, diagnosis and the analysis of data. Intelligent data analyses can, for example, help identify malfunctions of construction equipment early enough or prevent supply bottlenecks. Additionally, the digitization of the construction site can facilitate and accelerate the development towards efficient work processes.

Extremely sensitive sensor technology reliably delivers data on the machines’ location, capacity and condition—even for construction equipment parts that are difficult to measure— and thus facilitates construction monitoring.

Alternative drive technology

Social trends are increasingly becoming relevant to the construction machinery industry. Not surprisingly, sustainability by digitization is one of this sector’s visionary topics.

Construction 4.0: digitize your value chain

One of the greatest challenges of the construction machinery industry is the networking of different processes before, during and after the construction. The increasing digitization allows to deploy construction machines more efficiently, thus saving money and energy. Our visitors can convince themselves of the advantages of the digital construction site and learn how your company remains future-proof thanks to modern Building 4.0.