Mining machines: latest technology for mining equipment

Benefits of new mining machines

Integrating mining equipment into the Internet of Things (IoT) promotes the constructions workers' safety, may initiate an upswing in the construction industry and is ideally suited to optimize processes before, during and after raw material extraction. Due to the innovative and technical improvement, the increased demand for mining machines has the potential to rise further and continuously generate revenues. The mining sector should take the opportunity to use new technologies in machines for mining, also in order to correct the image of raw material extraction—from a socially and ecologically questionable to a high-tech and data-driven industry.

Mining equipment of the future: energy-efficient & less expensive?

Mining machines with remote control need to be as reliable, robust and efficient as every other construction equipment. During the operation, vibrations, changes in temperature and g-forces act upon the mining equipment. Working underground hence requires special equipment. Digitization in the field of mining machines keeps moving forward: more and more companies opt for the optimization and development of new work processes by using user-friendly software, telematics solutions and—where possible—alternative drive technology.

Mining machine exhibition area: extracting raw materials eco-friendly & cost-effectively

Decisive aims for raw material extraction are the minimization of resources, saving of energy and the use of alternative drive technologies for mining machines. When integrating electric drives into mining equipment for mobile operation the trend towards the digitization of mining also helps to develop explosion-proof, resistant and reliable batteries for mobile operation. Additionally, the use of new technologies shall help to further enhance the ecological, economic and socio-cultural promotion of sustainability. Also the mining industry moves forward at a steady pace in terms of tapping cost-effective, alternative and environmentally friendly production possibilities.